Rowing Blazers launch film

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I've made another film for Thames & Hudson publishers with the amazing Kate Slotover,  Eleanor Church and Ted Kravitz.

This one is about a book called Rowing Blazers, which, funnily enough, is about rowing blazers, as well as rowing and rowers.

I had a great time filming it and it was an enormous pleasure to meet the very many hugely successful rowers who feature in it - who were, without exception, some of the nicest, most down to earth people ever.

None more so that author Jack Carlson, who's spent 4 years putting it together. It's available in the UK now from your favourite bookseller... and you can watch the film below...

Wake Up

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A short film I made a few years ago with the prize from the Smoke & Mirrors 48hr Film Competition.

Leaving Cannes

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Didn't see "Blue is the Warmest Colour" but I really wanted to. Everyone was talking about. Literally. Everyone.

Films I did really enjoy included Blue Ruin - from Jeremy Saulnier and his collaborators. Definitely worth watching when it comes out later this year, and they're really nice people too.

Also, Nebraska is a lovely film, in a Sunday afternoon type of way...

Finally, here's a stills grab from the most nervewracking bit of shooting I had to do - filming the Cannes Grand Jury. Although they turned out to be extremely nice and friendly!!

Grand Jury 2013.jpg

Electrolux at the Cannes Film Festival

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Here are a couple of the films I helped make for Electrolux, one of the main sponsors of the Cannes Film Festival.

Featuring me asking Steven Spielberg if he enjoyed his dinner while he tries to get into a car in the pouring rain...